About Me


Who is this guy?

The name is Stefan Roman, I run things on here! I am a DevOps engineer who loves Amazon Web Services cloud, automation using available IAC and configuration management tools, and writing my own automation tools.


Since I finished my Information Security degree, I have been doing DevOps work for the past five years, this includes working for a cloud security company based in Houston Texas, credit insurance company based in the UK, a large European bank based in Austria, and now a small software firm in Bratislava Slovakia. Since then I have hopefully gained enough experience to start write about various problems, projects and ideas that me and my current or previous colleagues have worked on or thought about doing.

Key Skills

AWS DevOps

Providing reliable, redundant and self-healing infrastructure, while reducing costs and increasing security.

Linux Administration

Anything from web server administration (NGINX or Apache2) to resolving dependency problems.


Automating every day tasks using Terraform, Ansible and CloudFormation. This range from creating a IAM user to deploying CloudFront with Lambda Edge and multistage API Gateways with custom domain names.


Projects vary from writing my own small automation tools, to creating Slack bots.

Achieved Certifications

Here are my achieved certifications that I obtained throughout my career.


Here are some of my projects that I finished, still trying to finish or contemplating doing.

Contact me if you have any questions or if you are stuck with a problem, I’ll be glad to help.